Apple TV 4K (prev gen) and HomePod Minis not showing in Thread network

Currently I’m unable to see any of my HomePod Minis or now Prev Gen Apple TV 4K in my Thread network. To see them, I’m using both the Eve and Nanoleaf apps. The Nanoleaf A19 bulbs show in both apps but nothing else. I’ve power cycled all of the Apple devices and have stopped short of resetting the devices completely.

Has anyone run into this and/or know of a fix?

Ciao! Since I do have a similar setup, what do you mean with this thread network thing ?

OK, I have made a little search and discovered about this protocol.

I do have only the Home app running, with a Meross lamp. Nothing so sophisticated to create a network of IoT devices in my home.
Also, I do not know if the new support of the Matter protocol has replaced those old ones. Maybe that could be the cause of your issue?

I’ve used this app to check connectivity for Thread devices - ‎Discovery - DNS-SD Browser on the App Store

(Which is to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Apple products in the apps provided by other vendors, but this app confirms everything is in fact visible on the network.)

Thank you all. These devices are on my local network, it’s the secondary Thread network that they’re not showing up.