Apple TV upgrade

My 8-year-old plasma TV died and I recently replaced it with an OLED 4K. BestBuy rewarded me with a $25 gift certificate that is burning a hole in my pocket. My current 4th gen. Apple TV is not 4K so an upgrade to 4K is imminent. However, what do I do with the old Apple TV? I don’t have another set to use it with. Although Apple sells a refurbished 4th gen. for $139, Gazelle will only offer $15 for it. Yikes!

Gift it to a family member. My 4th Gen model went to my sister. She has a “smart” tv but it’s not 4K and wouldn’t care with HD even if the tv supported UHD.

My brother has a Roku and a smart TV and not interested in an Apple TV. Bleh.

Perhaps you can find a charitable/religious group that could benefit by having an AppleTV. I know a man with a food pantry and extensive child programs that uses them for the education programs.

The bottom line is that you need the 4K AppleTV to go with your new tv.
The old one won’t take up too much space in your attic/basement or garage.

I have been considering getting a 4th gen Apple TV for a tv that is currently using an amazon fire stick. Is it inappropriate to offer to buy yours in this forum, since you can’t find a home for it?

Not sure how much you travel, but ( depending on the hotel setup) you could use the 4th Gen Apple TV as a travel AppleTV.


Also eBay and Craigslist

I do this exactly. When we travel we often use Airbnb’s to stay and up to now it has always been possible to hook up the Apple TV when we wanted to.

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Will the Apple TV run headless? If so, you could connect it to some speakers and use it as an Airplay 2 audio setup.

Do you do presentations? Some people use an AppleTV as a projector interface for laptop or iOS devices.

I carry around an Apple TV to give presentations. I have it in a small camera bag (Amazon basics) with an HDMI cable and an HDMI to VGA adapter. I can AirPlay to it from iPad or MacBook. If I’m meeting with other Apple users, they can share their screens as well.

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