Apple VR headset

Some rumored details about Apple’s first VR headset, reportedly due in 2022.

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I want an augemnted reality headset. Like Google Glass but more affordable.

I have a number of useful things I could do with it but I need the see through of true AR not a VR system.

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I’d love that. But it would have to be able to tell me the name of the person I was talking to - and not make me look like a Borg

Actually one of my use cases is I am looking at a sheep with a painted numeber on her side in the field, like this one… (ignore the fact that she is actually caught in a set of jug panels)

This is a lambing tag number and I then want to do a lookup of the sheep by paint brand in my LambTracker system and have it put up how many lambs she is SUPPOSED to have with her and their tag numbers and sexes. And any issues with the lambing (needed assistance, or had to be pulled etc.) And I want it to be hands free because I’m usually holding a crook or chasing a lamb and have no available appendages to handle a tablet, EID reader etc. It needs to be vocally started, use OCR to determine the animal and link to the SQLite databse of sheep and display in front of me as I can’t stop watching the sheep I am looking at to see something because she is likely to run away or the lambs will and I need to follow them in amongst the huge flock of sheep.

For that alone I’d love a working AR system.


And the ewe in the picture is Myfina and her twin ram lambs, now named Callum and Cedric, sons of Sterling. Both needed a minor pull, probbaly why they were in the jug. Horns stuck on the pelvis.