Apple Watch 3 slows down after a few days

My Apple Watch always slows down a lot after 2-3 days of being on. When I restart it I works as fast as usual.
Is that normal expected behaviour or a hardware problem?
Right now I’m restarting it every 3 days to prevent it but I is a nuisance to remember.

Have you tried re-pairing with the phone?

If that does not fix it, you might want to visit an Apple store to see if they can diagnose the hardware for you.

It is not normal and I do not think that this is a hardware problem, either.

Like @JKoopmans already has suggested, re-pairing the Apple Watch with the Phone is a good idea. You basically get a fresh WatchOS setup this way.

I think that you have an app on your watch that does not behave properly.

With Overcast, there had been issues in the past that all subscribed podcasts were transferred to the watch taking all available space and slowing down everything. The same can be true for any other app. Claus Wolf described this issue here and did some troubleshooting that might help to check for apps that are causing issues:

I think that you need to debug what app causes this behaviour. Disable the automatic install feature and install only the apps you really need. Then, monitor the situation, when you start adding the apps back one by one. Maybe, you should take some time between adding the next app after you have added a new app in order to be sure to identify the “rogue” app…

How to manage apps:


Do you spend any time moving at a significant percent of the speed of light? That has a tendency to cause watches to slow down.


It also tends to shorten the watch Thankfully on stopping the watch returns to its usual shape. :slight_smile:

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