Apple Watch 5 now or wait for 6?

Hi All,

My wife just bought me an Apple Watch Series 5 44mm for my birthday. I’m upgrading from a series 0 so undeniably going to enjoy the upgrade!

I’m conscious we could be 6 weeks away from a new announcement and was wondering whether to hold off and wait or just use the series 5 now?

Please help me decide…

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I would wait. You might well buy a 5 when the 6 is out - as Apple often sells two generations at a time - but you’d be better informed if you waited.

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My first reaction was: no way! But, yes… Time keeps on slippin’… Crazy.

I would wait, too… The Apple Watch 5 is great, but it will be significantly cheaper when the next one will be released. And maybe, even No. 6 will be worth your money then. :slight_smile:

For the last four years new Apple Watches came out around the 3rd week of September, like clockwork.

Keep the new watch you have if don’t want to wait 8 more weeks. (Or possibly more, if the pandemic shifts announcement dates.)

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Question is what the killer feature is going to be on the new watch.
I’ve found the difference when I went from the 1 to the 3 not that great apart from speed.
And going from 0 to 5 or 6 will always give you that benefit, whatever the choice.

And, you can always wait for the 6 to come, and still get a (discounted) 5 :slight_smile:

I think it’s probably wrong to expect a “killer feature”. Series 5 basically was Series 4 with always-on display… useful and a long time coming, but hardly a killer.

If you want to see a compilation of Apple Watch Leaks/Rumors, macrumors has a nice page outlining we might expect to see.

I think Series 6 will be “Like Series 5, but with better battery life”.

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With no big design change rumors (that I know of), the Series 5 should have great longevity. And of course it will get watchOS 7 this fall, which should bring all the new features you could want. The only exception would be if Apple does something more with sleep tracking, but they’ve indicated that they want to keep it simple, and you can always augment with third-party sleep apps.

I’d hope so at the very least. The marginally poorer battery life of Series 5 kept me from purchasing it. With sleep tracking evidently becoming more prominent The Watch needs to improve battery life and possibly facilitate faster charging as well, so people wearing it overnight can top-off the battery quickly in the am before leaving their homes.

But I do expect additional sensors as well (that macrumors link does note that code was found in watchOS for an oxygen sensor).

With few changes to Watch Series 4, I expect Series 5 to be the next base-level watch replacing Series 3 - though perhaps not until 2021. Apple seems to be doing very well selling the Series 3 for $169, and I’m not sure it’ll drop the Series 5 to that price this year.

  1. If you paid full price for the 5 I’d wait.

  2. If you plan on keeping the new watch as long as the old one I’d wait

  3. If your old one is still working and you don’t HAVE to upgrade right now I’d wait.

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“like clockwork”. :slight_smile:

In the “more sensors” department I’d love:

  1. O2 level.
  2. Temperature.

With Covid-19, the latter would be topical. (And has wider applications, such as menstrual cycle tracking.)

But, as always, what’s feasible - without surgery or even a fingerbob :slight_smile: - will govern things.

Thanks for all the feedback. I think I’ll hold out for the 6. Here’s to hoping it’s available September.

I’m still on Series 0. The display is coming off now. I wish I could push it longer but the seal is coming off and it’s not worth fixing it. Apple wants 199 to fix it while I can get a Series 3 cheaper :grinning:Waiting for the Series 6. It will be an awesome upgrade for me. Any other places you recommend that would glue the display and seal it I would let my 9 year old kid have it.

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I dunno, Richard! You’re awfully young looking and I mean that only as the highest of compliments! Congratulations!

I just got my new iToy a few days ago and I love, love, love :two_hearts: it! It’s the bright Series 5 orange Vitamin C and is every bit as energetic as she looks! She has been charged a couple of times. Apple sent her needing a charge, And again last night I was informed it was that time again. The charge lasted a couple of days with plenty of play. It took about an hour and a half. Not bad at all to carry on a conversation, email on my wrist, purchase apps, set up dancing, listen to music. This is my first gadget inspired by Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy.

You can go ahead and listen to reason like these fine Mac power users are telling you. But the teacher in me is going to appeal to the kid in you… GO AHEAD, Richard, and get your watch! You’ll be opening the box in less than a week! It took Apple FOUR days to mail it to me! Less if you drive or ride a bike or a tricycle.

Whatever you decide, have fun with your new iToy! You’re going to be one happy camper holding out your arm to be admired!

Happy birthday, Richard! Your wife is a keeper!

Latest rumors from known leakers have an Apple Event on September 8th showing off new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 6.

That’s 39 days from now.

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