Apple Watch 6 not sending Hapics for Messages


My iPhone 12 Max and Apple Watch are both on the latest (non beta) versions, but I get no haptic alerts for messages. The haptics seem to work for everything else, just not messages.

I have spoken with Apple at length and they replaced my Series 6 watch. The watch is not the issue. I read about a bug in the last version of 14.2 related to messages, but the last update didn’t help.

I have checked and double checked the settings, and everything is as it should be. The messages come thru to the watch, but not haptics. I run my phone and watch silent all day, so I always relied on the haptics to alert me.

Anyone else experience this?

I’ve had this in the past, but a reboot usually resolved it.

Yep, I would agree. I’ve lost count of how many reboots and unpairing I’ve done in the last two weeks.