Apple Watch and Shortcuts

Question: I just got an Apple Watch (series 3) and what I want to do is activate my shortcuts from the watch using voice. I thought it was possible but starting to think it’s not… I figured handoff would let me say a shortcut command and then pass it off to the phone. Is there a way to do this that I’m not thinking of?

Just to make sure. You’ve setup a Siri Shortcut with a specific voice command, and you want to activate that via your Apple Watch?

That should work. At least, it works for me on my series 3. However, it sometimes takes a while before my Watch hands the command over to the Siri Shortcuts app on my phone.

I’m getting the problem with some Shortcuts (I haven’t tested all).

One picks a playlist based on the day and plots a route home in Google Maps. It works fine on the phone using the command “It’s Drive Time Home.”

On the watch, Siri tells me “I do not recognise that command,” but I know he’s lying to me because the text becomes capitalised correctly.

I hope it’s a bug, but I speculate it might be that the shortcuts that the phone surfaces for you and you add voice to may work, but custom built ones don’t.

Yep, that’s what I’m trying to do. For instance I have a shortcut where on my phone I can say Hey Siri, Laundry and it will set a timer in Due. If I say to my watch (hoping it will handover to phone) it says command not recognized.

I’ve had the same issue. Set up various shortcuts with the recorded phrase. Works on iPhone, HomePod and iPad but not the watch. Every time I’ve tried it’s failed with “I do not recognize that command.” I don’t think I’ve had a single success.

Quick update - rebooted watch and phone and tried again. This time it said “checking with the app, will tap you when ready. Then it said, shortcuts will continue with your request” but nothing happened on my phone. Feels like we’re getting closer.

I had the same problem, and I was able to fix it by unpairing my Apple Watch from my phone and then re-pairing it. Overall, it took a little while, but it was an easy process. (When you unpair, a backup of your Watch gets saved to your phone, and then when you re-pair, you get the option of restoring from that backup.)