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My new Apple Watch Series 4 arrived this week. I really like the watch, the bigger size, improved speed, and cellular. But I’m really bummed how many watch apps we have lost over the last year or so. Has anyone heard any news if developers are expected to make a return to the Apple Watch? Are there any great third party apps you love that are not well known?

Not really lesser known, but I enjoy Carrot Weather better than the stock weather watch app. And you can customize what the complication displays. It’s not a free feature (because of API costs), but it’s dirt cheap at around 50 cents a month or I think you can buy annually for $2-3.

Yup. I’m using Carrot weather also. I have it connected to dark sky for the source data as dark sky seems to have the most accurate forcasts in my area.

I also have an Apple Watch Series 4, and am using the Apple Watch more than ever. Here are my favourite Apple Watch apps:

  • 1Password – Handy for quick access to information I want to have at my fingertips.
  • AnyList – My shopping app of choice. I often find it more convenient to pull up shopping lists on my Apple Watch.
  • Deliveries – I mainly use this delivery tracking app on Mac and iOS, but it is sometimes convenient to quickly check the status of shipments on my watch.
  • Fantastical – I use both the complication and the app itself. A nice alternative to Apple’s own Calendar app.
  • OmniFocus – Handy for adding actions to my inbox and for a quick review of my “Hot List”. I also use the complication to keep track of how many important tasks remain on my list for today.
  • Overcast – One of my favourite Apple Watch apps. Among other things, I use the app to adjust the volume and skip forward and backward in podcasts.
  • PayByPhone – I use this all the time for parking. Handy being able to monitor my parking status on my wrist. I think a recent update even allows parking time to be added.
  • Streaks – My habit tracker of choice. Many of my watch faces include the Streaks complication, which helps keep the habits front and centre and provides convenient access to the Streaks app.
  • TripIt – Handy for reviewing my itinerary when travelling.

new to anylist here & its solved so many problems for me re: list mgmt

thank you for the tip of installing it on apple watch as I was still fumbling around w/ the phone during grocery runs

I agree it way more convenient on watch

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