Apple Watch Battery Level

Does anyone know of an app that will notify me when my Apple Watch reaches 100% battery level on the charger?

Wondering if you could build a workflow to do this? My personal technique is to set a timer on my phone. My series 1 watch charges about 1%/minute so I just set a timer based on how much barging it has to do. I also usually add 5 minutes for anytime it needs to charge more than 50%

I thought about the workflow idea, but I’m not familiar enough with the software to really give that a go.

Your timer idea is a good one considering there doesn’t seem to be a more accurate method available. Mine is a series zero, but with some trial and error I can figure a relatively accurate recharge rate. Thanks for the concept.

Funny enough I had the same idea a couple of month ago and it is on my “to-build list”, as I was not able to find an app like that :sweat_smile:

I’ll keep you posted!