Apple Watch future woes

My beautiful Blue Apple Watch 6 44mm is starting to struggle for battery, so I’m thinking about the potential Apple Watch 9, but I have 2 problems.

  1. Apple’s not done a Blue watch since this one [This is incorrect]. I really hope that Apple does a new one with the 9. Otherwise I’ll end up with midnight. I love the blue on the 6.

  2. My Mobile Phone Network of choice (Sky Mobile) does not support the Cellular option on an Apple Watch, and I’d love to take it up on the next model I buy, as I currently only have a WiFi one. I really hope that Apple allow Cellular without an attached phone in watchOS 10.

Just venting here 6 months in advance. But I think it’s definitely time to allow a standalone watch.

My Series 7 is blue?

Ah, My bad, but it’s not as nice as the Series 6.

I’m still on Series 3 - charge once a day. Probably going to upgrade soon, maybe to SE…

I’m on a Series 4 and only charge once a day as well. It has started freaking out over my 3rd party charger though. But if I use the OEM version it’s fine.

That said, I am going to upgrade this year. Just because I like new tech. :smiley:

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I’m on a series 4 and charge on average once a day, usually in the downtime, working at my desk or in the morning when I am getting ready. (I do lots of sleep tracking). However, I just learned after all these years that putting my watch in Theater mode also conserves lots of battery as well.

Why not just take it for a new battery? I did this recently for my S5 and the Apple Store gave me a brand new S5…

Because I’d like to go Cellular if possible.

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