Apple Watch & Hearing Assist /Aid

Hello all,

Wondering if anybody has experience with using the Apple Watch with hearing aids?


Hi Roz! Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

I have no experience with this, but I’m curious: By using the Apple Watch with hearing aids, do you mean at the same time as, or in conjunction with (with he Watch in some way providing extra functionality)? Or something entirely different?

Thanks for your question! I’m hoping to gain additional functionality of a hearing device via the watch. My airpods have gesture control and all of the devices I’ve researched so far do not. I’m hoping that I can at least control a hearing device with my watch.

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I don’t use hearing aids so I have no direct knowledge, but a Google search turns up quite a bit of information on the topic. It seems that some hearing aids do have Apple Watch control features:

Thanks again for doing some leg work on this … really appreciate!

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Interesting stuff for me this is - I lost my hearing entirely 12 months ago and actively looking for something that reliably can do speech to text = sisr is limited and most iphone type stuff cannot cope with group convos, - and alas i have never been able to hear any podcasts on here at all - no subtitles :frowning:

Sorry to read your post Dave. Hope your message here reaches the right people. Possibly start a new discussion post to bring attention and get input…

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