Apple Watch model 3 sudden recent battery issues

Curious if anyone else has had issues with their Apple Watch battery recently. I’ve had mine hit 10% around 11pm after only using it since about 9 or 10 am the last four days in a row. One of the days I worked out so that might have drained the battery more but that doesn’t explain the other days. Massive change from the 70% I used to finish the day with. Interested to see if anyone else has had these issues and suggestions to troubleshoot before I head to Apple.


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You can restart/reboot your Watch (because its just a computer) and look for a change.

I have a Watch 3 with cellular service. The cell service is probably active 40% of the day. I use the watch with AirPods about 2 hours/day. Those are the heavy hitters. I wear the watch 7x23 – so it’s active except when charging. I charge it once daily. Most days it drains down to 55% before the next daily charging.

Is your phone on iOS 12 beta?

Yes my phone is on the public iOS beta, interesting since that hasn’t had an update in these few days.

While I cannot prove that the beta is causing issues, my series 1 gets about 15-30% less battery life in the last few betas…
I have had issues in the past where the battery drops rapidly on its own before iOS 12 beta. Rebooting the watch fixed those issues…

Agreed. I have iOS 12 Public Beta and AW3 (no beta). Last week, my watch started sucking battery like crazy! Couldn’t even go a full day. I suspected some location setting was running all day; was unable to confirm.

Use the Microsoft Solution on AW (turn off and back on) and that fixed my problem.


Thanks for all the replies. Should have waited till I tried to the turn off and back on, that seemed to fix it. Interesting that I wasn’t the only one to have that happen running the iOS 12 Public Beta.

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