Apple Watch Newbie

Duh! I tried getting it into pages (no luck) but your suggestion worked. Thanks, Simon!

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Interesting, thank you. Some of mine are like yours, but not all. I have:
Sun 6:45pm, 8:48pm, 11:00pm
Mon 1:02am, 4:44am
Tue 8:22am
Wed 12:20am, 2:04am, 12:04pm
Thu 12:04am, 2:04am, 4:04am, 8:55am, 11:28am, 1:37pm, 2:07pm

Watch is typically worn ~15-18 hours/day. I fell asleep with the watch on Sunday night and Wednesday night, and stayed up late Tuesday night. Since Sunday’s and today’s readings were consistent like yours, I wonder if it just fell into a weird period in the between times. I’ll have to keep experimenting. The ratings out of 10.0 it’s reporting seem roughly right to me based on rest, nutrition and exercise, regardless of the reporting interval.

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Here’s a PDF of that list.

I just got my first Apple Watch too, so this has also been a great thread for me.


Hold your breath. I have been tracking my watch use since this thread started and did the initial brain dump.

I am now working on an updated version. Will publish soon!

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Oh I printed it out already but I have lots of paper. Thank you, Simon!

I have looked at my (also incidental) use of the watch since this thread started. Here’s the updated list.

The exercise actually caused me to uninstall a number of not used apps on the watch.

I have mentioned Apps I use where possible.

Some of the options are UK specific, but I am sure everyone can find a local alternative providing similar functionality

My main and incidental uses are:

  • It wakes me up in the morning (Alarm)
  • No notifications or incoming calls overnight (only immediate family)
  • Open my computer (MacOS)
  • Authenticate logins w/ 1Password and Authenticator
  • Listen to music/podcasts/audiobooks/radio while walking (Overcast/Music/RadipPlayer/TuneIn Radio (with AirPods))
  • Show train tickets (Trainline)
  • Check actions in Omnifocus
  • Dictate to Drafts
  • Start EV charging at public charging points
  • Take phone calls (because you can. feels like calling KITT in Nightrider, or asking Scotty to beam me up!)
  • As camera remote (trigger)
  • Camera Remote incl settings in ProCamera
  • Command Siri around
  • Homekit control (lights, temperature etc) (Home+/HomeDash/HomeCam/HomeRUn/Heatmiser)
  • Homekit accessory lookup codes ((HomePass)
  • Check my Cameras (Ring and HomeCam)
  • Media controls (Apple Music, Vox, AppleTV, Overcast)
  • AppleTV Remote (Remote)
  • ApplePay (Use it for nearly all daily expenses)
  • Public Transport (Citymapper is great)
  • Directions while walking (Apple Maps)
  • Weather (All Carrot complications are great, created a separate watch face for everything weather)
  • Loyalty card scans in shops (Wallet or Store App)
  • Control my car (Open, close, pre-heat, send satnav instructions)
  • Timers (while cooking)
  • Activity (close my rings)
  • Track workouts
  • Sleeptracker (I wear an old Series 3 overnight)
  • Do mindfulness exercises during the day (Breath, Calm. Endel)
  • Check water consumption (Waterminder)
  • Use currency calculator (Currency+)
  • Check deliveries (Parcel and Deliveries)
  • Run shortcuts (Shortcuts/Pushcuts)
  • Translate audio (AE Mate, Translate Now)
  • Read, write and dictate messages in iMessage
  • A quick glance at email (Airmail/Outlook) and sometimes quick replies
  • Walkie Talkie with my other half
  • Check calendar (Fantastical)
  • Add appointments to calendar (Fantastical)
  • Buy coffee at Starbucks (using a Starbucks card)
  • Read, write and dictate messages and replies in WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram
  • Start and stop Toggl timers
  • Run a Pomodoro (Pomodoro Pro)
  • Location-aware pop-ups and reminders
  • The watch helps me count to 20 while washing my hands
  • Calculate blue hour and sunrise. sunset time and location for photoshoots (SolarWatch)
  • Did I say Check Deliveries? Sometimes even Amazon feels slow …
  • Repeating reminders for daily chores (take medicine, waste collection) (Due)
  • Get breaking news (switched back on to follow recent events) (CNN, BBC)
  • Have travel itineraries available at a glance (Tripit, App in the Air)
  • Track flights (FlightStats/Flightradar24)
  • Keep track of train delays (National Rail/Trainline/Citymapper)
  • Activate/Deactivate home alarm
  • Check the markets (Stocks)
  • Check heart rate during exercise and do regular ECG
  • Using Find My to find my wallet, keys, backpack and other half
  • Get noise warnings in loud environments
  • Listen to Calm/Endel (mindfulness and white noise)
  • Keep track of my blood pressure readings (connected to Withings Health Mate)
  • Timezone management (separate watch face just for that) SFO, NYC, AUA, GMT, AMS, DEL, HKG
  • Check who rings the doorbell (Ring notification/HomeCam)
  • Use PCalc when my brain is fried and forgets about basic 1+1
  • Record my voice or short meetings (Voice Memos/Just Press Record/EZAudioCut)
  • Haven’t played recently, but it’s a great companion to the GolfLogix app during a round of golf
  • Track my car parking session (JustPark/PayByPhone/Ringo)
  • Quick check my bank balance or add an expense (MoneyWiz)
  • Checking my mobile phone allowances (Provider app)
  • Fun: checking the Nigh Sky using Night Sky X - find that star, planet
  • Find and check the status of nearby EV charge points (Plugshare/ChargePoint)
  • Use as a PowerPoint remote during a presentation.
  • What song is this? (Shazam)
  • Classic stopwatch
  • Quickly gauge my what3words location
  • Did I say Check Deliveries? Still waiting for my Mac Studio to arrive
  • I used to page Ubers, but they have unfortunately stopped supporting the AppleWatch
  • Soon hope to use it for the first time use it as a Hotel room key (Hyatt). Have already used my phone as a room key before.

oh … as a free bonus it tells me the current time as well.

… and I don’t have to adjust for DST. It figures it out.

Actually - compiling this - it surprised me how integrated the watch has become in my daily life. I haven’t worn a classic watch for a long time.

My wife uses her phone all the time, I can cope without using it for long stretches.


My Watchface changes several times a day:

  • Overnight in sleep focus mode (low light, large clock)
  • At wake up, it shows my calendar, weather, news
  • During commute showing Transit, Citymapper, Starbucks card and Overcast (to control podcast)
  • During work: calendar, messages, reminders, water tracker
  • early evening: exercise rings and exercise app
  • at night: just the time, no complications…

My battery hovers around 10% when I go to bed
I kept an old series 3 around that I use overnight as a sleep tracker whilst the Series 4 charges and functions as a bedside table alarm clock.
The Series 3 is on silent vibration alarm to wake me up without disturbing my other half

TIP: select different cards as Express Travel Card in Wallet on the phone and watch to separate personal and work travel expenses
TIP: check out Truphone offerings if you want to use watch cellular abroad. (Need to put the watch in Family Setup mode)

watch this if you have a Series 7: Apple Watch Series 7 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features | You ABSOLUTELY MUST Know!! - YouTube

Think it’s about time to upgrade to a new watch. I got my monies worth from the Series 4

PS PDF attached for @Katie


This is a very, very bad post … I’m meant to be doing other things this weekend. What will my daughter think at her birthday tomorrow when her dad is playing with his watch and phone?



I’ve been building these habits over 4 years, so pls take your time …

Alternatively give her an Apple Watch for her birthday and get some quality time doing things together as a bonus :zipper_mouth_face:


Thanks EVER so much, Simon! That ought to keep me busy! :smiley:


I’ll add another use I’ve just found, for anyone who does parkrun, you can now have the barcode on your Apple Watch.

I’ve used a similar function on my Garmin but good to see this on try AW as well. It adds a card to your wallet and then the AW as well.

I’d imagine she’ll be thinking she is not the only one with cool toys!

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@simonsmark just seen your new list - OMG - remarkable. I’m still settling down into mine!

Is there a shortcut to get direct access to the all apps screen? Have a feeling I’m missing something somewhere?

Not sure my list will be as long as yours after 4 years!

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I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking, but I press the “Crown” button and it shows me a list of my apps.

In the Watch app on the iPhone, tap on “App View” and then choose “List View” instead of “Grid View” (aka “honeycomb view”).

Thank you! Just what I was l looking for!

Oh I didn’t know about this. It seems to only allow alphabetical sorting which isn’t ideal - I only use a couple of apps that aren’t a complication, the main one being Sleep Cycle which is way down the list.

I find I end up pruning watch versions of apps to keep that list faster to scroll. I also use the side button menu of recent apps as a de facto app draw roughly ordered by frequency of use (unless it’s been a busy watch day.)