Apple Watch only half paired - help!

I set up my new iPhone yesterday. I read up and found that it was no longer necessary to unpair the Apple Watch before doing so. All seem to go well, and the Apple Watch is definitely paired with the new iPhone. I can change faces, complications etc. However the activity is not being synchronized. When I open the Activity app on the iPhone I get the attached image.

I don’t want to have to reset completely and lose all of my data, has anyone else been in this boat?

I should add that it does not seem possible to set up Activity on the watch without first resetting the watch…


Solved with an unpair/pair, I’ll keep the post up in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

I have to say watch os updating and changing iPhones whilst trying to retain watch data has been a low point of ownership over the last several years. Updating is interminably slow and the run around I have experienced with phone changes is a most ‘unApple’ experience

I think this time it was not bad at all. I did a full restore from iCloud and was up and running very quickly. The addition of having iCloud messages was a big bonus. The health data did take some time to come down though; agreed!