Apple Watch Series 4 w/ LTE app notifications

I’ve been recently testing out being un-tethered from the phone- i was in 3hr meeting and found it odd no email alerts, no due alerts - get back to my desk alerts all stacked on my phone… i said well maybe i need the native apps installed on the watch for the alerts to push-- installed them

same thing away from my desk an hour- due/email(SPARK) alerts all on phone

am I not understanding something do you still need to be physically near the device for some alerts to go through? whats the point of having the LTE enabled - for calls,texts and streaming on the go? at minimum i would think having data connection would allow the emails to goto my watch vice phone

Please help clarify

I don’t use Due or Spark, but when untethered from my phone, my Series 4 LTE definitely gets notifications like text messages and voice calls. Something doesn’t sound right on yours …

Hi there! A couple of questions to find out more about the issue you’re facing.

  1. When you’re physically close to your iPhone, do you get notifications on your watch?
  2. When you move away from your iPhone and you stop getting notifications, can you confirm that you are connected to the LTE network? Easiest way to do this is to swipe up from the bottom (control center) and check the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you see four green dots, you’re connected and should receive notifications; if you see an iPhone icon, you should also receive notifications; if you see a red “x” then you’re completely disconnected from both iPhone and LTE and this may be the cause of your problem.

Let us know if this helps!