Apple Watch Series 6 with a new battery

If you have an older Apple Watch and the battery seems weak take it to Best Buy. They took my old Apple Watch series 6 and sent it to Apple for $79. I received a refurbished model and it’s amazingly different cheapest anplle watch upgrade ever!


Great advice!

You can also skip BestBuy and visit your local Apple Store to do the same thing. Only potential downside is the “Temptation factor” of buying something. AppleCare offers the same thing but you may have to pay for shipping.

I’m 2 hours from the nearest Apple Store and I don’t have Apple Care on my watch. Still the best $79 I’ve spent in a long time!

Just curious… how long was the turnaround time for Best Buy to send your watch out to Apple for a battery swap?

Sorry for the delay in replying. Less then 2 weeks.