Apple Watch Trade in Questions

How have other people’s experiences with trading in an Apple Watch for an update? Do they require you to send the band in with the old watch? Also, on the trade in, what happens if the 14 day return window closes and the new watch has not been delivered?

When you trade in a device as part of a new purchase you don’t have to send it to Apple until after you’ve gotten the new device.

And they don’t need the band back.


They don’t need the charger back either.

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Send back just the watch. No band or charger is required. If you don’t send it back, you don’t get the credit.

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I will send the watch when I get the new one. I planned on keeping the charger and I will keep the band. I have a RoadID tag that I can’t install on a Solo Loop.
It looks like I will be doing the same dance with my wife’s iPhone. I upgraded hers today too.

I wrote up my experience here, and a few others added theirs, too:

Thank you to everyone who replied. Current status is the my return kit will be here tomorrow and my new watch is MIA between Shanghai and Alaska. The return kit will sit until my new watch arrives. I am glad it isn’t shipping USPS, they have lost a lot of my wife’s stuff lately,

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