Apple Watch Upgrade Time!

Coming from a Series 2, waiting to upgrade to the Series 4.

Decisions…Decisions…with GPS or with Cellular…

Anyone have experience on the practicality of the cellular option?


My friend and I both bought cellular models last year. I didn’t get a chance to activate mine because my Uni didn’t have the ability to offer it as a secondary service on my account (my cellular service provider has a contract with my university). My friend however activated his and proceeded to use it a couple times a month, and in his estimation it wasn’t worth it for what he was paying for the use. He cancelled after a few months.

I currently don’t have it because I didn’t own my iPhone. It was a corporate phone and we weren’t allowed access. Now that I own my own iPhone I will be purchasing one with cellular.

My mom (73) has had one with cellular since it came out. Absolutely loves it. She often leaves the phone at home knowing she can still make calls and receive messages while out.


I just ordered the iPhone XS Max along with the Nike+ GPS watch. I decided against the Cellular watch because I’m pretty much never without my phone and our local cell providers want $5/mth for the service.

I’ve been using a Nexus 6P for the last 3 years (my previous iPhone was the 4) and I’m looking forward to the XS Max which has the same physical size as the 6P but has a screen that is the full device size

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My thought is that if I’m getting the newest watch, I’m going for all of it. I can personally see the cellular feature as a huge safety feature for those of us who do things on an individual basis. For me, I’m a long haul trucker and solo for days on end. Cellular is more a safety feature than anything else to me! IMHO!


I have a Series 3 stainless with cellular. There’s no non-cellular stainless model; if you want stainless, you have to get cellular. I’ve never activated the cellular feature. I just never do anything where I’d have my watch but not my phone.

I’m upgrading to a Series 4 stainless and I’ll probably won’t activate the cellular on this one either.

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i’m confused after listening to upgrade pod last night… i thought apple assured the old watch bands will always work w/ the new watches moving forward

I’m current series 3 NIKE 42MM owner

planing on going to series 4 - 44mm case?

i should be good… i have the original pride band which i love and i don’t want to risk it not fitting

The old (Series 0-3) watch bands will work with the Series 4.

I don’t recall Apple saying that existing watch bands would always work with future watches. They’ve just announced backwards compatibility with each new Series as it’s been announced.

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Was there any mention to the Siri watch face? Did I miss something? Was expecting it to get a boost with the new watch.

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It gets a boost with the new watchOS - things “donated” to Siri can (and do!) show up there :slight_smile:

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:+1: (so looking forward for Shortcuts)

Understand that’s a software thing, but also think it’d have deserved a 2-sec stage time

Same here Chris. I’m getting a stainless steel Series 4, and I’m getting the wife a Hermes.

People seem to forget that it’s only the aluminum models that have a choice of adding cellular as an option. The higher-end stainless models come with cellular as a standard feature. Like buying a Ford vs. a Lincoln. :grin:

Like you, I’ve not activated the cellular service on my watch because (1) my phone plan is a corporate Verizon account and watch LTE service is not supported on corporate plans from Verizon, and (2) I always carry my phone anyway.

In a spectacular phase of redacting my previous statement, LOL, my uni as of THIS WEEK decided they will add cellular service to Series 3, and wanted to know if would I like to try it for a very reduced monthly fee to see if I like it.

So… I will see how I like it and report back after a few weeks!


Has anyone owned an aluminium AND a stainless steel watch?
I have a Series 2 Stainless and want to upgrade but I wonder if the glass and aluminium are more « scratchable » or not.

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I had a Series 0 aluminum and currently have Series 3 stainless. I bought the stainless specifically because of the sapphire crystal. I’d scratched the face of my Series 0 fairly badly and those scratches really annoyed me. On the flip side, the sapphire crystal on my Series 3 looks absolutely pristine after a year of use. This isn’t because I’ve babied it. In fact there’s a decent scratch on the stainless steel body of the watch itself where I whacked it against the strike plate on a doorframe. The scratch runs right up to the edge of the display and stops. Absolutely no mark on the sapphire.

The sapphire on the stainless steel model is definitely much more scratch resistant. I’m willing to pay the premium for stainless in order to get it.


Can you give an example of that please?

I have a 2 year old quartz dive watch - a beater - with a generic mineral glass top, and I expected it to barely last a year. To my surprise the crystal still looks new and I’ve worn it every day, all day long. But the pristine condition of the glass can probably be attributed to its flatness combined with the protective surrounding steel bezel. Apple’s unprotected sloping glass was a design choice I thought was a little more beautiful than functional.

That said, I would not pay 50% more ($749 plus $79 for AppleCare+) just to get a stainless version with slightly more protective glass. And since Apple in its arcane wisdom has decided that its watches should not have an option for always-on time, I think I’ll keep my well-preserved beater nonsmart watch (and keep it close to my new iPhone)…

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