Applecare+ and passing on the phone

Hi, could anyone reassure me re Applecare+ please. My 12MaxPro is just over 2 yrs old and I am in the grace period where you can opt for extending AppleCare monthly. I’ve just bought a new 14Pro (because my wife’s 10s is so smashed up that an out of warranty repair would be hideously expensive) and will pass the 12 on to her. I need the cover because she is a serial phone dropper. If I go for the extension cover will this pass on to her? I read the AppleCare is device specific not person specific, but will maintaining myself as the owner cause issues for my new phone?

And yes I know about life proof cases etc but she has even managed to trash a phone with a life proof…


AppleCare for any Apple product is linked to the device not the owner.

If the device is sold/given to a non family member, THEY should contact AppleCare to have it registered under their name and info.

When I purchased my daughter’s XR with AppleCare, that coverage was registered under my name. This has not prevented her from from receiving warranty coverage for the cracked screen or water damage. I have been paying for the extended AppleCare coverage on the month to month basis for 14 months now. $7.99 per month is a reasonable cost (to me at least) for an unexpected repair. Next year she may decide to upgrade to a newer model and I am “off the hook” for both the phone and AppleCare.

Hope this was helpful!

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As mentioned, no problem. I bought both our iPads and iPhones and the monthly AppleCare and my wife had no problem replacing her iPad when it had a charging issue.

Can we blame your wife for the cost of AppleCare? :grinning:

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