ApplePay at Apple Store

This is a bit of a rant so feel free to ignore.

I keep having this strange problem with ApplePay at the Apple Store. I never have this problem anywhere else. However, the last two times I’ve been to my local Apple Store when I try to pay with ApplePay for a major purchase the system always fails when using the POS device the sales reps use. I’ve tried paying with my AppleWatch and my iPhone and it always fails. They even tried to troubleshoot the problem and it works with a test POS device. However, when we go to use a live POS it fails.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? It works flawlessly in every other scenario. But at the Apple Store it bombs. This has now happened twice with multiple combinations of devices. It’s seems to be a rather embarrassing flaw. Am I the only one?

Idea: maybe contact the Credit card company attached to the Apple Pay on your iPhone. Do they see anything out of order on their end?

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It was the Apple Card. I was thinking about contacting the today but I didn’t have time to troubleshoot.