AppleScript to get url for OmniFocus task

I’m loving Agenda and I love using David’s elink script as a TextExpander shortcut. Im using that and geturl script to put links to the current Application Mail message and Safari page as documentation in to Agenda and other notes. Does anybody have a script that does the same for task that is currently selected in OmniFocus?



If you have a link to the script you’re referring to, or can describe in more detail what you want to do, I could probably whip something up. In OF’s AS dictionary, the ‘task’ object has an ‘id’ property; you can get the task’s URL by concatenating the id after the string “omnifocus:///task/”.

If you just want to copy the selected tasks’s URL to the clipboard, there’s a “Copy as Link” command in the Edit menu — no AppleScript needed!

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