AppleTV & airpods

I like listening to the AppleTV with my airpods. Since I also use them on my iPhone, I need to always switch the AppleTV’s audio to use the airpods. I am starting to dislike needing to dig through the AppleTV’s system preference menus to get it to switch to the airpods. Is there any way this can be done with a siri shortcut or other utility?


From the home screen press and hold play, or from a playback screen swipe down from the top and it should be in the right most menu.


Ah no. thats not what i want. I want my AirPods connected to appletv, not back to the phone. Swiping down i can direct my iphone’s audio to play over earpods yes, thats clear. In my case you want to go into thenopposite direction; I want a simple way to connect my airpods to appletv

I love using my AirPods on my Apple TV also (young kids at home).

I have done a lot of research. Can’t do Siri shortcuts. What rose described is the quickest way to change Apple tv’s audio source to AirPods

The instructions were for your Apple TV, not your phone :wink:

Ah, i see it now. Totally missed that before, thanks!