Application Litmus Test

Does anyone else use application updates to support major OS releases and features as a bit of a litmus test? It’s great to see active development of an app and OS feature implementation, particularly one time purchase apps. When app updates for major OS release lag behind, by months or more, I start to wonder about alternatives.

I know there are definitely exceptions for complex applications and functions within them, and applications where alternatives cannot be considered.

Do you find yourself watching release notes and update intervals a bit more closely after OS updates like I do?


Yes, because music software developers are notably bad are staying on top of things, it’s extremely irritating. The 64-bit apocalypse got them scrambling for months, some of them for over a year, before their software and drivers were finally ready. For a transition that had been announced eight years prior.

However, there’s no real alternatives to given makers.

That is akin to enterprise level software for me where breaking functionality or a specific workflow will be very problematic. At least far more so than a calendar or notes application update.

As frustrating as that is to wait on, that’s a segment I understand a more tempered approach in.

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Yes, also our main IT guy told us (when Catalina was released) to hold off on updating because there were going to be some apps breaking, and to wait at least a couple months.

I’ll ask him his thoughts on Big Sur.