Apply “Filter” to .mp3 file?

I have an audio book in .mp3 format.
Playback sounds “hollow”. It has “echo”.

In listening to our podcast friends, how they
edit audio, looking for some suggestion as
to how I could improve the sound.

While I have access to all the Pro Tools, I
don’t know how to use them :frowning: Am willing to learn

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Have you tried uploading to Overcast and then using the voice boost options?
You will need a subscription for this to work, so it might not be for you.

Ahh, thank you that’s a good idea
(yes, I have a subscription)

i was really though, looking for someone with some audio tools experience to weigh in regarding a workflow with some filters. I’m assuming there
are audio filters that could help?

I just have no knowledge of those type tools