Apps for focus mode

I’m starting to build my focus modes and am having fun exploring this new feature!

I’m working on customizing the home screens for different modes, and am curious if there’s a way to have an app appear on one Home Screen for one focus mode and another for a different focus or even regular viewing mode?

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Yes. Find the app in the App Library and drag it out onto the additional homescreen.


Thanks @ChrisUpchurch, appreciate the help. :blush:

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I am going to piggyback on this discussion with my question: Does the new ios15 focus modes feature work with MacOS Big Sur? I see documentation that focus modes sync includes Macs but can’t seem to find a way to set/modify focus on Big Sur. Could this be a feature on Monterrey?

Focus mode will come to the Mac (and sync with iOS devices) with Monterey.

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Thanks. Does it do nothing at all on Big Sur?

No to my understanding.

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Quick addition: While it is possible to also drag from the Spotlight results, it will only work to place the app icon on a Home Screen for the first time. Dragging from App Library will place a “copy” where you drop it.