Apps to manage Apple Music

I would like to set up Apple Music to go on or off at certain times. Do you know of any apps or procedures? Or to manage my tunes on Music.

I haven’t had a Mac in a while so I’m rusty and I’ve been using iPads in the interim. Now I think I can set the computer to sleep at a certain time. How would I go about doing that?

I use my timer of my iPads a great deal. But I cannot find one on the Mac unless it’s just not there.

Briefly, System Preferences → Energy Saver

More detail in this support article.

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Thank you so VERY much! How have you been?

I realize you haven’t gotten any help with your music questions. Maybe you’ll be able to make a Shortcut to turn music on/off when we get Monterey. As far as managing your music, what feature(s) do you need that the Music doesn’t provide?

Actually, I love Apple Music. I just thought perhaps there was something better possibly insofar as organization is concerned.

I was hoping if I set the computer to shut down with Music going at a certain time, it may restart with the same music continuing. Likely wishful thinking on my part.

As it is, my shiny new MacBook Air has a battery that I can scarcely believe. I bet I could keep it going for about three days on a full charge. And I am on it a LOT. It also charges up mighty fast.

Thanks, Jec!

Just noticed your numbers. Since you might very well be a 007 fan, I can tell you a funny story about Pierce Brosnan, by far my favorite Bond, James Bond.

The English accent threw me off. I was watching “The Tailor of Panama” and it dawned on me that Pierce HAD to be Irish as he has such a fine Irish mug. Well, I wrote that on his FB page on St. Patty’s and lo and behold I got a response from him! I didn’t even notice until about 10 days later. He wrote that I had a “most Irish mug”! I told my sister who told me I was delusional. LOL!.

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“The Year Earth Changed” is the title of the documentary I was referring to. It is on Apple TV+.

Ok, thanks. I realized later you said “Apple TV+” (the service) and not “AppleTV” (the device). We gave up on ATV+, couldn’t really find anything we liked. I’ll see if I can find the show elsewhere.

If you’re listen to your music (i.e. music files stored on your machine), then I think a Shortcut or two can accomplish this. If you’re listening to streamed music, then I think that is less doable. With Pandora, at least, if I turn it off, it seems to remain cached (for lack of a better term) for maybe a few hours, and if I turn it back on within that time span it will usually continue where it stopped. Longer than a few hours, it just starts anew.

Interesting!!! I rarely listen to streaming music. I prefer to pick it out myself. I only have Apple Music.

So how do I set up a shortcut??

I set up a long long playlist of my favorite McCartney tunes when he was with the Beatles tunes and Wings, solo etc. and it is awesome… runs for hours. Pretty cool.

I agree with you about Apple TV+. I have a package deal with the Music, the Arcade and Apple TV+ for $15. The latter I can take it or leave it.

The Arcade has recently added some old fashioned games like Solitaire, Backgammon etc. which is more of what I like. The graphics on some of these other games are absolutely amazing.

It irks me that my guesstimate of 50% of games include some sort of violence although they are not really graphic. But can’t they come up with more interesting games without adding silly sword fights? I am not really bothered that they are out there but rather the extent is one of my pet peeves. And kids get far too much of it. The designers need to be more creative as the artists certainly are!

You’ll have to wait for Monterey.

Edit: Have you tried using Music’s miniplayer?

No. I don’t know what that is.

In Music, somewhere there is a menu item “Switch to Miniplayer.” This way you’re using Music to play/pause/resume but it’s a much smaller window.

Yeah, I found it. I had no idea it was out there! Thanks, Jim!