Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4

I’ve had a Ring Doorbell for a few years, but the battery lasts hardly any time now, and it doesn’t integrate with HomeKit.

I’d been thinking of replacing it with the newer Ring Doorbell with swappable battery, but recently saw the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 which supports Homekit - it looks to have some neat features too

Has anyone got any experience with these?

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Found this review - interesting

No experience but following this thread with interest

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Me too.

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Hoping either one of you gents will blink first and buy one and then tell me how difficult it is to install.


I love having more HomeKit options, but this thing looks HUGE compared to my Ring Pro doorbell. Also, the horizontal view doesn’t appear to be a good fit for my use. Guess we’ll see how it goes.

Trouble is you can’t actually buy the thing in the UK. Sold out.

Looks to be available in Australia - I’ve currently got the old Ring 1st Gen so it looks like I might pull the trigger. Can’t see Ring ever supporting HomeKit / Matter, although some people have got it working to a fashion with a bridge.

Will be away for 2 weeks after today so will get it after the 17th April and let you know.

There’s some good reviews on YouTube already like this one

Looks like Amazon have them in stock at the moment. Just noticed today:{'vw'%3A'B07F2MRHRN'}

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just ordered it this moment :slight_smile: delivered tomorrow.

Read that the software got massive improvements, so looking forward to install it