AR and VR rumors for WWDC :)

These rumors are making me curious about Apple’s take on AR and VR.

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As the owner of an original HomePod I probably won’t be purchasing any more first generation products. But it will be interesting to see what Apple has been working on, if Scoble’s sources are correct. We don’t have long to wait.

I’m open to being persuaded but I just don’t see a use case compelling enough for me to spend big $ on an AR & VR headset and I’m not going to wear some weird headset anyway. I’m much more interested in Apple Watch 8 if it has new sensors. I currently have a v. 4, which is working fine but I’m starting to notice the battery declining.

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Augmented Reality will never be successful with a “weird headset.” It will be some kind of glasses or the more limited visualizations of the “see the furniture in your own living room!” and Pokemon game overlays. Or, more likely, something we haven’t imagined yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edited to add: For plausible uses see the novel Freedom which was the sequel to Daemon by Daniel Suarez.

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Great book(s). That’s the technology that would get me to part with my money. Unfortunately, anyone over 60 will probably never get to use it.

I’m probably not the target market. I have no interest in computer games and I have all the furniture that I need. :grin:

Damn, I’m already a decade past my expiration date! I’ll just have to keep reading novels of imagination.

I understand. I’m not far from my seventh inning stretch. That’s the reason I used the best of Apple, Google, and others to create my workflow. It’s not be perfect but, IMO, it’s the best available today.

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