Arc Search feels spot on!

Finally got a chance to listen to that Vergecast episode and I really enjoyed it! It was good hearing from the Browser Company perspective and what they hope to accomplish. I also liked how deliberate they were at the outset on including the links of their sources.

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It’s always been that way with Arc, even back when you needed an invite to use it. I used a Duck address, but it’s still something that’s always rubbed me the wrong way about Arc.

They said the Google Chrome team told them that most people never bother signing up to sync, so they decided to require it so everyone has (in their opinion) the optimal experience using Arc. But somehow I think it’s more about gathering data about installation and usage, and who knows what else now and in the future.

I’ve never synced bookmarks, and that’s the optimal experience for me. I like having different ones on different devices (especially desktop vs. mobile), and when I migrate devices, I just export and import bookmarks locally. Arc’s policy interferes with that, though I guess I could just establish separate accounts for different devices.

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Yeah, I don’t think separate profiles would work, since you’d see the same spaces on all machines with the same account.
Huh, I guess that’s kind of a missing feature - why would you want to see all your work spaces on your home machine…?

I only use one computer right now, so I never realized that.

For each of your devices, you can choose if you want to sync data between them. In my case, I have data syncing between two personal Macs, and on a work Mac, I’m logged into my personal Arc account but not syncing it. I could sign up for a separate Arc account if I wanted to sync data between two work computers.

(Also, not all of the profile/workspace data you’d expect syncs, but my understanding is this will eventually change.)