Are automatic updates a myth?

I constantly have apps that need updating manually, even though I have automating updates turned on.

iOS and iPad OS 14.6 came out a few days ago, yet it didn’t download or install until I went in manually.

Is this the same for you?


Same here…. Not sure why…

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They’re most certainly a myth. On any product I’ve owned, automatic updates have done absolutely nothing (whether that be operating system updates or application updates).

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In the Home app, long press on your HomePod, scroll to the bottom and tap the settings icon in the bottom right, then scroll to the bottom again and you’ll see the version of software.

I also struggled with AutoUpdates on my two HomePod minis but 14.6 seems to have gone very smoothly.

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I get more timely updates about iPadOS public beta releases/updates on my iPad than I do regular releases of iOS on my iPhone. I used to use Duo for two-factor authentication for work, and that was how I found out about many iOS updates - Duo would alert me that my phone was “vulnerable” before iOS itself ever bothered to tell me that an update was available.

App updates on both devices don’t seem to be happening at all. Every couple days I’ll pop into the App Store and find a dozen updated apps, some 3-4 days old. I have the setting enabled to automatically update apps.

App updates on my MacBook Air are much more reliable.

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