Are books locked in iBooks

Hi , Is there a way of getting your books out of the ibooks app to do whatever you want with them and view them as pdf’s on a program of your own choosing. The library folder contains books in ibooks or epub format, double click them and they default to ibooks ? Anybody know how to convert them to pdf’s or export them out of ibooks ? thanks, have a nice day

People I know who’ve done with successfully with books from Kindle and iBooks installed a de-DRM plugin for Calibre. For obvious reasons I won’t go any more in-depth on that, but you can web-search yourself.

I’ve done the Calibre thing and it kinda worked. IIRC, though, I had to fiddle with the workflow every OS release. I didn’t put much effort into understanding Calibre, maybe if I had I could have done less fiddling.

I’ve used Calibre to convert book formats.

Works well. Had to re-install teh Dr DRM stuff with the last version but all ok now.