Are there any apps that make editing Finder file comments more streamlined?

I’d like to utilize Finder file comments a bit more. I like that the comments are searchable via Spotlight and can be displayed in an extra column in Finder list view. But editing the comments in a tiny text box inside File > Get Info feels so clunky…

For a start, I figure I can create a KM or BTT shortcut that triggers Cmd+I and focuses the Comments field. But is there anything slicker? That is still a tiny text box. And it doesn’t support editing multiple files at a time which would be nice.

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Sounds like AppleScript would be a good candidate.

I thought EagleFiler might work for you. But while searching for the answer I found this.


EagleFiler can import Finder comments but uses its own note format (stored as separate files in the file system and readily backed up) to store notes against files, precisely because of the fragility of Finder comments.