Are there any Tesla owners here?

I know Tesla doesn’t support CarPlay, but I’m wondering how well recent iPhones work when connected to Tesla’s. I’ve just ordered a Model 3, but it doesn’t arrive until March/April.

I mostly use PocketCasts while I’m driving. I’m my Prius, I can start and stop it from a basic display. (CarPlay is not supported on the Prius either).

I use it like an old timey car stereo with Bluetooth connectivity. I control everything via Siri or the screen.

The interface on the screen is basic to say the least when used with an iPhone,

I use overcast for podcasts and Apple Music for Music.

It has Spotify integration so you can use that natively if you wish.

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agree, it works just like a bluetooth phone. the in-car controls for skip forward and back work fine (on my wife’s model X).

the only annoyance is it doesn’t pause/turn off until the car locks; so I’m walking away from the car but my podcast is still playing. I actually have an “arrive” shortcut I run that includes a step to tell Overcast to pause (among other things, otherwise I’d just pause overcast manually. might even be able to from the car screen). I don’t know if PocketCasts supports shortcuts or not.

the X is very good at reconnecting and resuming playback. although sometimes iOS 13 has kicked overcast out of memory, so I have to run Overcast again.

also, I’ve had a lot of fun comparing Waze’s route to the car’s nav system (which uses google maps data). they match about 2/3 of the time (when they don’t I follow waze)

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I’ve tried sending an email via Siri, it’s just too painful to get it to spell my name, know that the . is not “dot” or “dat”, @ is not “at”, etc. You can forget my company name too, Siri doesn’t have a chance at that.

I only use Siri to turn Bluetooth on/ off when I enter/exit the car.

Is there a comprehensive guide for Siri?
How do you know what can be controlled?

Invoke Siri, tap the screen and then press the question mark in the bottom left corner,

The question mark is not easy to see

It really isn’t. You could easily miss it.