Arq Cloud vs Backblaze

The nice thing about Arq Premium is the flat fee. No “download fees” have been charged. I’m not close to my 1TB limit so I have not experienced any overage charges yet.

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If you go for Arq premium and decide after a year to switch to another storage service, do you have to re-purchase the Arq software?

Don’t know for sure but my guess is, Yes? The Arq software I have is preconfigured for a number of settings including “Storage Location: Arq Cloud Storage” and does not allow me to change it. I would not be surprised if Arq considers the license for the standalone software to be quite a different animal. I’m probably paying most of the $60 a year for storage with the software thrown in nearly for free, as they know I’ll be kicking in a little towards it every year. I’m basically renting the Arq software program.

Does that allow you to use Arq to set up another backup instance to another storage platform if you wanted, or can you only use the Arq storage with Arq Premium?

It appears that I am locked to “Arq Cloud Storage” with a License Type of “Arq Premium.”

I queried this with Arq support who wrote back:

Arq Premium includes all the features of a standalone version, so you can back up to any other destinations supported in Arq.

So I’m assuming you can have multiple backup locations?

That’s good news and adds much flexibility and value to the annual cost.