Arq Premium backup service

thanks @karlnyhus , I hope the updates here also mean upgrade ?

Yes. Updates to the software, whatever you’d like to call them. :slight_smile:

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Well, over all, not too bad. Took four days running around the clock to scan, encrypt, compress, and send about 300GB of data to the cloud store used by Arq Premium. Had a few hiccups with files that could not be opened and I am still not sure how I should fill in the Network Interfaces and WiFi Networks section of the Network tab when editing the backup plan. The Arq Help page is not helpful on this point and I get few useful hits when I Google for help. Subsequent incremental backups have been taking about 40 minutes.

I found the human support from pretty fast and good. You may want to drop them an email.

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Does Arq also backup existing cloud drives? In my case, I have a lot of data on Microsoft OneDrive for my business and personal data on Dropbox. I’d like a backup of these, as well as my Mac’s local hard drive.

Sorry, I’m very new to Arq and I don’t have any cloud drives, except for the relatively small amount of stuff I have on iCloud. And I have reduced the number of files I explicitly store on iCloud to a bare minimum.

I would expect it to back up the parts of that cloud drive that are actively synced (i.e. locally stored) on your Mac.


@webwalrus is correct. I am backing up both Google Drive and OneDrive files (that have been synced to my Mac) with Arq.

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You were correct. Nina at Arq responded quickly and got me sorted out. There is a Network Interfaces section as well as a Wi-Fi section on the Network tab and both needed an entry before I could backup just on wi-fi.

oh, I did not know that, good to know although I am currently on wired connection at the moment