Arranging apps on desktop (Window Management)

For some time I have been using an app to arrange my desktop. For example, If I was in finder, I could press control-option-cmd-left arrow and finder would move to the left side of the screen. Or I could press control-option-cmd-C and finder would move to the center of the window.

I can’t do this anymore. I think it was something that ran from System Prefernces, but I don’t remember the name. I am running OS 12.4. Any thoughts?


There’s a number of window management tools out there:

P.S. I updated the title of the post, to help other people, find it and help you! :smile:


Adding Divvy to the list.


Mosaic is also available through Setapp.

And Stay.

An embarrassment of riches in this area.

Thanks for the updated title… Also Automators is one of my “must” listens!


I like Divvy as well, but it seems like it is no longer being maintained. The last update was 2 years ago. Have you experienced any issues running it on M1 macs with Monterey?

Can’t comment on that, I’m still on Intel.

Rectangle Pro is awesome. I use it so many times a day (including the Pro features such as throw gestures).