Assigning mouse buttons in latest iPad OS?

I just hooked up an inexpensive Bluetooth trackball to my iPad 2018 (not a pro, just the basic). Is there any way to assign mouse buttons to iPad actions? Such as returning to the home screen, or activating split view, slide over, etc.? Thanks!

LATER: OK, I’ve got this halfway figured out. The cursor corresponds with your fingertip. Whatever you do when you drag your finger to an edge, the same thing happens when you drag the mouse pointer to that edge.

Still trying to figure out how to drag right on the share sheet though.

You need to do that through accessibility. So yes, you can do it but you have to have accessibility on.

I’m still experimenting so there’s probably a better way, but for now I created two shortcuts (one to turn on accessibility and one to turn it off)…those help me not have a semi-transparent squadron on my screen when I unplug my mouse.