Audio (Hub) Help!

Good Morning All,

I recently switched (back) to a MacBook Pro only set up - I have the M1 Pro 16" and I use the LG 27 sold by Apple as the external monitor at my desk. I need some decent audio for some music work I do and just got the PreSonus Eric studio monitors. What’s the “best” way to connect these to my MBP? Currently I am using the cable from the headphone port on the MBP to the RCA jacks (unbalanced) on the PreSonus. Would the Balanced input ports be better ??

But my bigger questions is that I HATE the sound of inserting/removing the monitor connector jack from the MBP… Is it better to use an external hub? or should I go with an Audio interface ??

I appreciate any guidance y’all have.


Not only is that sound annoying (when unplugging your cable) it is very bad for your speakers. There is a rule is studio-land regarding monitors/speakers: First ones off, Last ones on. So, while you are using your headphone jack, be sure to have the monitors off before plugging in or unplugging (wonder why we don’t say plugging out?)

But, yes, I would recommend an audio interface. You can get really descent ones these days from around $140-$200. I would look at the Focusrite line, maybe the new Universal Audio Volt series or the SSL 2.

You don’t mention what kind of music work you do. if you want to be more specific, or want a longer discussion, I am happy to join in.

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Thanks for the reply and offer to help. I do very basic recording of solo piano/synthesiser music or trumpet playing to backing tracks. Its all low key… The delay in using airplay is horrible so I needed wired speakers. Ive seem focus rite and may look into that line. Any other suggestions for a novice ?


Focusrite is a great place to start. Very solid drivers and good quality.

I think RCA is just fine for this use case. As I have understood it, main upside to balanced is that you can run much longer cables. This is mainly a requirement for studio and stage audio.

Of course, audiophiles will still be debating this long after the cows came home, but a decent RCA will do just fine in most cases.

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