Auto align apps

I’m trying to organize the windows on my monitors and what I would really like to do is just click on a keyboard sorry cut and distribute all the apps on a particular screen around the monitor so it looks neater.
I know that using Moom or Mosaic I can do that if I define a layout with specific apps but I want to do it for whatever happens to be open at any given point in time.
Any ideas on how to do that? I have the two apps above in addition to better snap tool and KBM.

Consider a tiling window manager, such as Amethyst. There’s some learning curve with keyboard shortcuts, but you can also use the mouse to swap windows around if that suits you better.

There’s also this techcraft video on YouTube for a quick intro.

Thank you very much! That looks like what I’m after! :+1:

Also have a look at Stay App by Cordless Dog for a particular approach to this issue which may or may not suit you use case.

I just posted this tip on another thread. If you want truly ad hoc window placement there is built in capability.

  1. Drag any window or window edge slowly and it will pause as it comes up against the edge of another window (or indeed the edge of the screen). Note there will always be a 1 pixel gap which can be annoying if you have a busy wallpaper image.
  2. Double click any window edge and it will immediately fly out to the matching edge of the screen.
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I’m pretty sure this could be automated with Keyboard Maestro and/or Hammerspoon.
It’s really just a question of “getting” all the windows, separating the screen into a grid of $NUMBER_OF_WINDOWS squares, and then moving each individual window to the next square…

Now I know that I was actually referring to ‘tiling.’ Wasn’t aware of the term- I love this place!!

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