Auto creating project folder from template

I could have sworn that a year or so ago @MacSparky was talking about a way to automate the creation of an actual, Finder-based folder from a template in the process of starting a new project.

Am I misremembering? Is this a Shortcuts thing? Or was there an app that does this?

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I’m not sure which method David referred to, but one easy way to do it would be using Keyboard Maestro. Do you have it?

You could set up your template with the folders structured the way you want them, even including files within those folders, then use a Prompt for Folder action in KM followed by a Copy action, like so:

In this example, you are prompted to select a location for the new project folder, which is stored as variable Local__Folder. Then the Template_1 dummy folder and its containing files and folders are copied from ~/Desktop/Templates/1 to the selected location %Variable%Local__Folder%

You can get fancier from here, with error handling, backing up existing folders, auto-naming, etc.


Wondering if you might be thinking of “Post Haste”?


YES, that’s exactly what I was remembering. Thanks!

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Post haste is a simple but brilliant little app. I use it all the time.

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