Auto-Formatting Options?

hey MPU,

I am wondering if there is an easier way for this. I am writing a daily bible reading and meditation planner. I plan on printing to PDF and printing on paperback for the youth in my parish. Instead of just writing everything straight into a Word Document, what software/app would you recommend that I can input into and have it export the data to word? (I will still have to format, it’s just that some data is repetitive). i.e.

  • Week 1, Day, 1, Day 2, etc
  • Today’s Reading

I think after I finish for fun (not sure if I can do it now) I think I would like to link things in Craft or DT and I believe doesn’t it auto-find links or similar words?

Before changing away from Word … are you by chance using a Word template to start the daily document. Add in the standard stuff, perhaps even some automatic macros to insert today’s date or whatever you find that can benefit from a macro to help reduce repetativeness.

I just think you might be adding more unnecessary complexity to find another tool just to be a front end to Word which already has lots of built-in capability to enchance productivity.

Just. thought.


I was going to say the same thing. Word templates can be really helpful for something like this.

But, @FrMichaelFanous, are you also wanting to use a different application for other reasons? Like perhaps do you want to keep all of your text in a single repository for later searching or referencing? If that’s the case, then I understand why you would want to do this.

I wonder if you could use whatever writing app you want and compose in Markdown and then use the Marked App to make yourself a somewhat custom template that could then export to word or just straight to PDF?


While I let my Office 365 subscription lapse and can’t check this, I’m pretty sure you can read about templates in Word’s Help. Also via Google I found How to Create Word Templates on Your Mac - dummies

Word also has fields which you may find useful for increasing your productivity.

So the only reason I was thinking of something app-based is that this daily meditation is designed for Lent. Every year of Lent, the readings are the same Week 1, Day 1, etc. The only thing that changes is the movement of our calendar. So for example, this year Day 1 is on March 8, however last year Lent started on February 24. I am just trying to think of when I do this again next year, I want to be able to re-use the readings and just shift the dates, and hopefully add more meditations.

well as a once a year event i wonder how much effort should go into this. but would maybe be fun if you write a Word macro (stored in the template) that computes all these dates and the puts them into the new document. Word macros can easily do this. but you would have to maybe do a little learning. but you might enjoy it.