Auto-Lock Off While Charging

Hey everyone,

I’m working on improving my desk set-up, and recently purchased the Anker Wireless Charging Stand. Somewhat inspired by everyone’s love for more screens, I’m hoping to keep my iPhone next to my display as a little reference screen (calendar, omnifocus, etc.). However, I have my screen set to lock after 2 minutes. I don’t want to have to go into my settings at the start and end of my days to have my phone switched into Never Lock mode. Does anyone know of a workflow or other trick to have my phone never lock when it’s charging?

Thanks so much!

There is no such flexible setting, you must change this in settings.

Third-party apps CAN ask the iPhone to keep the screen open, such as video apps, but I’m unsure if this is strictly regulated or not. Maybe OmniFocus would implement such a feature, maybe they’re not allowed to by App Store guidelines.

Also consider that screens might have a maximum hours operating time. You might not reach this limit with normal and expected use of an iPhone, but by doing this, you might.

If I were you, buy an external monitor instead… :slight_smile:

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great advice all around. thank you!

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