Auto Switching between devices with Airpods Pro

Unless someone tells me that I am wrong I am pretty sure that this business of automatically switching of Airpods Pro sound between devices DOES NOT include my 2015 MacBook Pro.

So with that in mind is there anyone reading this who has an iPhone 11; 11" iPad Pro AND a 15" 2015 MacBook Pro who has got this switching to work successfully and automatically and not have to manually switch between them yourself???

@ChrisUpchurch told me I’d need Big Sur installed, and the article below confirms that.

Here’s an article on turning auto switching off and on:

I am adhering to all of that, and still, I am not experiencing this switch between my other devices and the MacBook Pro without doing it manually.

I have a 2019 macbook pro and my AirPods pros don’t switch automatically either. In fact, I have trouble connecting them manually to my mac if they were connected to my iPhone.

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Reassuring to hear. I am giving up! At least I know it’s not because of something that I am doing wrong. There are clearly some issues at play.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Just received my AirPods Pro (the batteries of my OG AirPods finally became too bad).

Very disappointed to notice the same as you guys: automatic switching between iPhone and MacBook Pro (2019) does not work (however, switching between iPhone and iPad does work).

Very Apple-unlike experience… :cry:

Also, head tracking works on iPhone, but not on MacBook Pro, but apparently for that I need to ask my company to upgrade me to Apple silicon?

EDIT: literally the moment I posted this complaint, the switching between Mac and iPhone started working… :person_shrugging:

I have the same problem as DannyR. It’s really frustrating since I switch multiple times per day.