Automate adding scans to other user's Notes app?

I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan into Evernote. But others in the home want to use the ScanSnap to input into their Apple Notes from time to time. They each have their own computers but the scanner is connected to my Mac. I know I could create accounts for them on my computer and have them scan from there but I’m looking for a solution to automate doing this from my account into their Apple Notes. Thoughts? I do have Hazel.

From each of their accounts they can each send you individual collaboration invites to individual note in their Apple Notes, into which you could add scans. It’s a bit clunky but that’s how Apple allows collaboration editing in Apple Notes.

You could always scan docs to a different drive in the cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Google) then send them links to download.

Or you could look into putting the ScanSnap on a local network, though I don’t know how nicely your Fujitsu hardware would play on a network, something you’d have to investigate.

As suggested if they share a Notes Folder with you you could setup a Scansnap Profile to save their scans to a particular Folder then use code such as the example below to have Hazel automatically create the note with the new PDF.

There is a bit of bug where a line break is added before the attachment which ends up being the size of the attached PDF, but it can be easily deleted. (any suggestions how to correct this in the AppleScript most welcome).

tell application "Notes"
	tell account "iCloud"
		set mynote to (make new note at folder "Notes" with properties {name:"This is the title", body:"and the body of the note goes here"})
		make new attachment at mynote with data theFile
	end tell
end tell

Just following Up - has anyone got this process working using Shortcuts on the Mac? I have tried it BUT unless I “Preview” the note (via the Show Compose Sheet option) I only get a note with the OCR and not just a PDF. Very strange so would really value any input