Automate bringing an app to the foreground after idle?

I am trying to get better organized with my todos. I’ve used Things on and off for a few years but I’m having a hard time making it stick.

I’d like to have my Things window be the front most window anytime I come back to my Mac, that way my todo list stays in my line of sight. This might be a really bad idea but I thought it was worth a try! I’m not sure the easiest way to automate something like this? Look forward to any ideas you might have!


You could probably do this with Keyboard Maestro.

Something like this:

When the system wakes, or you login, or the Mac has been idle for 5 minutes, TaskPaper (my former task manager) is activated and brought to the front.

(Untested, caveat emptor.)

Are you using something else to offload your tasks / notes / sub-tasks etc. during the day? So that you don’t really have to look at Things?

Here is why I’m asking. I’m using NotePlan for daily tasks and if I don’t check it latest on the next day, I forget what I was working on and do the same stuff again or start something new and unrelated. I’m off-loading all the information I collected throughout the day and important tasks. So I’m craving to look at it. Maybe it’s also just habit.

I do use reminders to offload tasks, but not regularly enough yet. I think this is what I need help with, just building the habit. Then I hope it’s more natural.

This is great, I may have to get keyboard maestro.