Automate printing a gmail message into a PDF and filing it

I get a ton of business receipts via email.

I have been scouring the web looking for a solution that can simplify the process I follow in printing a gmail message to a PDF and then filing it into a “receipts” folder. I can’t seem to find any type to keyboard shortcut to print within gmail as CMD-P doesn’t let Gmail apply its printable style sheet.

I would be play doing this via iOS as well, but I could not find an iOS shortcut to do the same. If I could take an iphone email message and make it into a PDF and stick it in a dropbox folder, Hazel can do the rest for me.

Has anyone had this issue and/or solved it?

This isn’t what you requested, but since you are a Gmail user:

I’ve been giving Evernote a second look and learned they recently introduced an Evernote for Gmail add-on.

One click on the EN icon opens a side bar, another click on Save creates a EN note containing your email. (The note is similar to one created by forwarding a message to your EN email address, but without changes to the To, From, Subject, etc. fields).

Later, should you still prefer a pdf, you can select multiple EN notes and then batch “Print to PDF” the notes to your preferred location. This will create one PDF for each of the selected email EN notes.

I’d do it with the Mac and a Chrome extension (which works with Brave/Opera/MS_Edge too) like

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Thanks @WayneG. I moved away from Evernote. Also if you batch print to PDF, at least on my machine, I have to individually name the PDFs from each note, regardless of what the name of the note is. So that doesn’t really work for me at the moment. If G-suite wasn’t such a train wreck, or if Google had a legit print shortcut, I would be golden, but sadly…

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