Automated text message if I don't come home - possible?

I’m thinking shortcuts might do this, but I’m open to other options as well. Here’s the scenario:

I want to manually trigger a workflow when I leave my house, and have it watch for me to return. If I do not return by 9pm, I want it to text a friend so he can come by and check on my dog.

Any ideas if/how I can set something like this up?

I might try three shortcuts using Data Jar:

  • upon leaving - update isOut variable to true
  • upon returning home - update isOut to false
  • runs once a day at 9:01pm: send message if isOut is true
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I put this together pretty quickly as an automation to fire at 9 pm, but I think I like @cornchip’s solution better.

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If Reminders’ success rate with location triggers is any indication, I’d go with @oldblueday’s approach.

They’re a great idea but very hit and miss for me. I have one set to remind me to turn on GPS tracking when I get to a local wildlife park. (I take photos with my big camera and want a GPS track to locate them). It hasn’t gone off once in the last 3 times I visited.

I’ve heard of DataJar but never used it. Thanks for bringing this up. Sounds like it might do the trick!

Yikes! That’s not a good track record. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks! I’ll play with this a bit and see how it goes!