Automatic Keynote export to PDF?

I’m working on a Keynote project right now and need to work with one or two folks who are not Mac users. Currently, I share the slides from a Dropbox link to the individual file, and I export to PDF when I want the Windows folks to see it. Having to do that is a problem because I forget and then they’re looking at an old version. Is there a way to automate this so that every time I save the Keynote file it automatically updates the PDF? I’m working almost exclusively on a Mac for this, so I don’t need it to work on Keynote for iPad.

Do you have Hazel? You could monitor Keynote files in the folder for Date Last Modified > Did Change, and then convert to PDF. There are multiple ways to get a PDF conversion; one is to run a shortcut and use Make PDF from the shortcut input.

(Quite possible there’s a more direct way to do this.)

While as @cornchip notes, Hazel is the go to tool for this type of task, but if you do not have Hazel maybe Folder Actions would work for what you need?

You could share the presentation as an iCloud Shared Presentation within Keynote, which offers a lot of settings for controlling access. Your collaborators can then view the most current version in a browser regardless of platform as view-only or with edit access. I do this with all of my lecture slides to avoid needing to export a new PDF and upload to our LMS when I make changes right before class! Works great, students like it a lot.