Automating adding events to online calendar using macOS

Hello. I am looking for help on creating a workflow. I also posted this over in the Automators forum. I imagine this scenario has come up for others…

Re: Automating adding events to online calendar using macOS

I receive mostly via email, 20-25 event announcements each month which I would like to add to a public Wordpress online calendar to share with folks my various communities.

Presently it is a totally manual process where I enter essential event data from the email into the backend of a Wordpress website using Tribe’s Events Calendar. The calendar is on a webpage which all can access.

I do use Busycal and say that I am open to creating a new events calendar which then somehow could/would get published to a public webpage or other service which could be seen, and/or subscribed to by others who are interested.

I’d love to add some automation to this email-to-public calendar process and would love to hear ideas…

I am fairly tech savvy and favor a code less solution.

I look forward to hearing from those of of you who have already set something like this up or are eager to help!

Thank you