Automating Always On Screen

I have a new iPhone 14 Pro Max. I like the always on screen but don’t want it on overnight.

I turn on Do Not Disturb at 10PM and turn it off at 7AM.

I would like Always On to be disabled when Do Not Disturb is on. (I don’t want the screen on at all overnight.)

I’m probably missing something but is there a way to achieve this effect? Bonus points for tying in Apple Watch automation - turning off its screen overnight.

I think you will need to use Sleep mode rather than Do Not Disturb - it has a few more options available.


Yes, Sleep Mode is the solution. :slight_smile:

Do not disturb is for daytime, when you do not want to be disturbed.

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And with Sleep Mode? Do I need to do anything more than that?

When configuring Sleep focus mode (Settings > Focus > Sleep) there is an extra Options below CUSTOMISE SCREENS

Turn both of the options on to turn the screen off.

Hope this helps.

Sleep mode can be activated as part of your schedule in the Health app, but it doesn’t have to be; it can also be used without the Health app scheduled bed/wake times via a Shortcuts automation, or manually, the same as any other focus mode.

As others have said, Sleep mode is the way to go with the iphone. It will also put the watch into Sleep mode which turns off the always on screen and requires a tap on the screen to show the time and whether an alarm is set in a subtle green colour.

Of course, on 16.3 PB1, my dialogs look different. :slight_smile:

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As others have suggested, the built-in sleep mode will do this.

If (like me!) you don’t want to use sleep mode, you can fake it with ‘low power mode’ overnight. I wrote up my solution here a while back: